The four great pirate captains have hidden their treasure away and secured it with a series of mind-bending puzzles and mysterious talismans. Do you and your team have what it takes to uncover their secrets and claim the bounty for yourselves?

In this thrilling quest, we bring the adventure to you! This fully mobile escape room takes the hassle out of event planning, just book your time and we'll bring the escape right to your door!

Step 1: Choose your game 

Which version would you like to play?

60 minute game

     4-10 players

     Full version of the game, all the coolest puzzles and effects included. Great for mid-sized teams that want the full escape room experience.

30 minute game

     2-5 players

     Half version of the game. Great for large groups that want to break into smaller teams and compare times, or for large events that want an optional escape room experience on the side. 

15 minute game

     2-4 players

     Mini version of the game. Great for large events that want to offer a taste of the escape room experience on the side, but that won't eat up too much time for any given team.

Step 2: Choose your duration

How long do you want us to stay at your event?

1 hour

     Will fit one single 60-minute game, two 30-minute games, or four 15-minute games. 

2.5 hours

     Will fit two 60-minute games, up to four 30-minute games, or up to eight 15-minute games.

3.5 hours

     Will fit 3 60-minute games, up to 6 30-minute games, or up to twelve 15-minute games.

4.5 hours

     Will fit up to four 60-minute games, up to seven 30-minute games, or up to fourteen 15-minute games.

5.5 hours

     Will fit up to five 60-minute games, up to nine 30-minute games, or up to eighteen 15-minute games.

6.5 hours

     Will fit up to six 60-minute games, up to eleven 30-minute games, or up to twenty two 15-minute games.

7.5 hours

     Will fit up to seven 60-minute games, up to thirteen 30-minute games, or up to twenty six 15-minute games.

8.5 hours

     Will fit up to eight 60-minute games, up to fifteen 30-minute games, or up to thirty 15-minute games.

**5-10 minutes is required to re-set in between games, so the number of games per hour is approximate and depends on re-set times and escape times. Number of games at events longer than 2 hours cannot be guaranteed. 

Step 3: Choose your location

Make sure you've got enough space! 

The game is fully self-contained. We do not need to hide anything around your room or plug anything in (except at longer events when a battery re-charge might be necessary). The only thing we need from you is an open space. Tables and chairs are fine, but not necessary.

The 60 minute game requires a room large enough for all 10 players, and should be at least 15'x15' with empty floor space to work in. 

The 30 and 15 minute games don't require quite as much space, but at least 10'x10' would be preferable for your comfort.

Pop-up tent option:

If you'd like the game to be sectioned off from the rest of your event, just let us know and we can add on the use of a 10'x10' event tent for just $50 (regardless of event duration). Please note that this requires at least 15' of vertical space, and is only suitable for the 30 or 15 minute games. 

Step 4: Submit your request

Let's get this party started!

Scroll down and fill out the form below so we can get in touch with you to organize your event. 

It's okay if you're not 100% sure on the details, give us some basic information about your event and let us make a recommendation! 

Availability varies, and bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis. You should plan to book your event a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. 

For ease of scheduling, please include any alternate dates/times that might work for you in your request form. 


1 hour: $250

2.5 hours: $350

3.5 hours: $450

4.5 hours: $550

5.5 hours: $650

6.5 hours: $750

7.5 hours: $850

8.5 hours: $950

A $100 deposit by credit card is required at time of booking. The remainder is paid by cash/credit/debit at the conclusion of your event. Deposit is fully refundable up to 7 days prior to your event in case of cancellation.  Any cost of damage caused to the game/props from undue force or roughness will be charged to the credit card used for deposit. This does not include normal wear and tear. 

Mileage surcharge: for any destinations more than 15km from Codebreakers a surcharge of $0.50/km will apply.

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